Coeymans Solar Farm is planned to be built in the Town of Coeymans, Albany County.

  • Situated between Route 9W and Route 101 on parcels totaling 428 acres (final layout of the solar arrays are still being developed and actual footprint will use less than the total acreage).
  • The solar facility site is crossed by an existing National Grid 115-kV transmission line, so construction of a transmission line will not be required (A new substation would be installed to connect the solar farm to the existing line).
  • Current land use in the vicinity includes a mix of industrial, agricultural production, rural residential development, and sparsely forested areas.
  • Lafarge Ravena Cement Plant (about 1 mile southeast of solar farm site), Lafarge and Callanan quarries (about 0.5 miles west), Oldcastle Precast (about 0.5 miles northwest), and Callanan Industries, (about 0.75 miles northwest) are prominent elements of the local area.
  • PV panels arrays on the solar facility are low-profile (about the height of field corn stalks), with landscape buffering the facility minimal ground-level visual impacts are expected to be minimal.