Coeymans Solar Farm will be a good neighbor supplying clean, affordable, renewable power and an array of benefits for the community, including funds for local governments and schools, support for first responders and the library, employment opportunities and other economic contributions to the area.

Funds for Local Government & Schools
  • The project will generate revenues for the town, county and schools.
  • The project will generate revenues for the town, county and schools.
Sustaining Local Agriculture
  • Long-term leases provide farmers with guaranteed revenues that allow them to:
    • Sustain operations.
    • Invest funds in innovation and modernization.
Employment Opportunities
  • Approximately 140 jobs will be created during the permitting and construction phase.
  • Local businesses and workers will be contacted for engineering, surveying, site preparation and construction.
  • Two long-term local jobs will be created for operation and maintenance of the solar farm.
Clean Energy
  • Solar energy’s attributes -- including clean, quiet, emission-free electricity generation -- make it the fastest growing form of electric generation in the U.S. today.
  • Locally produced, clean energy from solar power contributes to enhanced air and water quality for the community.
  • Leadership on clean energy helps communities attract environmentally conscientious residents, visitors and businesses.
Affordable Electricity
  • Because sunlight, the fuel source for solar energy, is free, solar energy has steady, predictable power production costs.
  • As the price of other power generation grows, solar energy will help to mitigate overall electricity price increases.
Support for First Responders
  • The solar facility will create a new revenue stream for community services.
  • Supporting the local fire department, ambulance company, and library.
  • The solar facility will make minimal use of community services.